14 Ideas for surplus curtain fabric

So you have bought the fabric, interlining and tapes, and your lovely new curtains are made. But what to do with the leftover curtain fabric? Please don’t get frustrated at the waste; it’s time to get creative!

Here are just a few ideas for things to make out of some surplus curtain fabric:

stack of four pillows
  1. DIY Christmas decorations
  2. Draft excluder
  3. Fabric Christmas baubles
  4. Christmas Stockings
  5. Christmas crackers
  6. Festive cutlery holder
  7. Gift wrapping
  8. Festive cushion covers
  9. Table runner with a festive twist
  10. A roll-up pencil case
  11. Glasses case
  12. Lunch bags
  13. Bean bags
  14. A door stop

If there is a lot of surplus fabric, you might even be able to sell it.

Our Favourite idea – a dog bed

brown short coated dog on gray couch

Create your own colour-coordinated dog bed and show off your DIY skills.

If your pup has a habit of shredding things apart, you don’t have to go broke buying an expensive dog bed. We’ve got the solution!

Design the perfect cosy oasis for Fido – in any colour to match and blend with the existing decor of their snooze spot. A large cushion-style square template is all that’s required to get started, making this an ideal project even for those still mastering basic sewing skills. And if Rover likes joining you wherever life takes you – why not make it easy (and stress-free!) by crafting up a pet bed designed specifically for car travel?

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